Dhaka Magi Para Location and Contact Numbers

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Mahia Mahi a Deshi Magi lives in a small village in Bangladesh. Recently she has been shifted to Dhaka city. People were asking: Where is Magi Para in Dhaka? We take a deep look into this and find out the Dhaka Magi Para location in the center of the city. If you want to know the location address and contact number, let's know some basic features of this public physical service. 

Dhaka Magi Para Location and Contact Numbers

What is Magi para?

A Magi Para is a place where anyone can have sexual pleaser by paying money. The word Magi Para means a trade of sex. Usually, women lives their and men buy go there to fulfill their sexual desire. Alternatively, in English Magi Para is a brothel. It's hundreds of year old tradition in India, Bangladesh culture. The "Magi" is a profession. If you want to know what Bible says about Magi please refer to this article

Why Magi Para was built? 

As far we know, from the Mughal period, Magi profession was famous. Time to time there was a need to fulfill shoulders sexual desire during a war and other field works. First, the Magi Para was built to entertain Kings and Prince, but then the general people also started to go at the Magi Para to bought women for some time or for some night. Years after year, this tradition has been a significant need for men who do not marry or whose wife dies in young age. 

Faridpur Magi Para Location and Contact Numbers

In the India, Bangladesh culture, The profession Magi was entertaining. A woman in the brothel was dancing to entertain people while men did drinks. After the dance, a woman takes off her clothes and go closer to a man to have sex. After successful sexual relations, the man had to pay a certain amount to the woman. This was the tradition for Magi Para. 

Where is Magi Para?

There are a lot of places where you can see a Magi Para. Especially in big cities. In Bangladesh, Dhaka city has more than ten Magi Para including Farmgate, Dhanmondi, Uttara, Gulshan, Mohakhali, Karon Bazaar, Motijhil, etc. We are unable to confirm which one is best at this time, so it is advised to try more than one area to get better services. 

How Can I Get Dhaka Magi Para Address?

Well, you should look for a Magi after the evening. If you are living in the city it's easier for you to get the best woman in reasonable price. In Gulshan, you will get high-quality Magi Para and in Farmgate cheap-quality Magi. First, you have to decide which one is your destination. We will give you the contact address, phone number and a picture of the building/flat to locate. There is a web page where Google Map can help you to find your destination. 

Where is the Biggest Magi Para in Bangladesh?

Faridpur is a city of Bangladesh well knows for Magi Para business. It's the biggest brothel in Bangladesh while some professional playboy has doubted that Jessore Magi Para is the biggest one. We really can not be sure which one is right, but heard many stories about Faridpur. 

Faridpur Magi Para Address and phone number

The most popular brothel in Bangladesh, Faridpur is the name still remain along with Jessore and Dhaka competing with Sylhet. A story about Fardipur Magi Para was published in ABC News back in 2012. Khanki Magi waits outside the room while clients look for the best match for them. The ABC News presented a report on Joinal Bari brothel in Faridpur, Bangladesh. Our editorial question is, Can anyone make us sure if Joinal Bari Magi Para still exists in Faridpur. We were looking for some mobile numbers but these women were felt unsafe to publish their contact numbers. 

How Deshi Magi Looks like? Are they beautiful?

Dude! They are women and they put weird make all the time. So just imagine how a woman can look like if she uses huge makeups? But in recent days, there are many smart girls who came to this profession. Educated, smart and beautiful. I heard many stories of University girls are working as a sex worker. So if you try hard, there is a big chance to find a beautiful deshi Magi. 

I can show you some photos but wait, I'll post some photos in my next post. Now I'm going to give a sample photo to inspire for coming back while I post next time. 

Bangladesh Magi Para Location

How she looks like to you? 

Magi Para address at a glance:

We are giving you major city names where brothel business is famous in Bangladesh.

  • Dhaka
  • Faridpur
  • Jessore
  • Gazipur
  • Rajshahi
  • Sylhet
  • Chittagong
  • Cox's Bazar
  • Rangamati
  • Rangpur
  • Bogra
  • Comilla
  • Khulna
  • Sundarban

More than one brothel well established in each big city we mentioned. 

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